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Home Builder Download Package

As a new public service we now offer the E-book download for $5 just to cover website expenses. Now is the time to get active with your project..

"Drystacked Construction Handbook (eBook), $5
"How To Drystack a Block Wall" movie1, @ youtube
"Surface Bonding Cement" movi2e, @ youtube
"Excel Block Spreadsheet", Link @ youtube movie1
QcadHouseV2 training video, free video @ youtube in the near future


QcadHouseV2 is an add-on for the training course that teaches how to use Qcad , a very powerful yet low cost CAD program (costs about $50) which is perfect for designing your own drystacked block home. We developed the 6-hour Qcad Training video series just for you. If you don't care about Qcad, then you can still use this QcadHouseV2 gift to better understand the corners and rebar positioning issues in your home design. This training video will demonstrate graphically, dimensioning issues contained in the Drystacked Construction Handbook.

This package will get you started with all five products right away. Don't fret about which product you should focus on first, just get all five right now and get your project planning off the ground. Remember, you can also view the QcadHouseV2 training files for better construction understanding.

Don't delay, order your Home Builder Download today.


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